About Me

Hello!  My name is Sheri Mayfield and I am a licensed massage therapist in Bay City, TX.  

While practicing martial arts a few years back I developed a chronic pain and decrease in range of motion in my hip.  (This was not good for my round house kick, as I could only reach my target's thigh!)  In my search to learn all I could about how to heal my body, I enrolled in a massage therapy program.  It was there that I discovered an enthusiasm for learning to help people in meeting their individual physical and mental wellness goals.  

I am passionate about continuously advancing my education in the massage therapy field.  Currently I am enrolled in a Massage for Exercise and Sport certification program (100 hours) and a Clinical Trigger Point Therapy program (60 hours).  My current education and advanced certifications include:

  • Texas School of Massage graduate / 500 hour program
  • Pregnancy Massage Therapy Certification / 12 hour program

I look to working with you in achieving your health and wellness goals!

Sheri Mayfield

LMT #MT127128